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Jazz Cafe

Upcoming Jazz Concerts:

Sat Oct 29
Tue Nov 22
Thu Dec 22

Sun Jan 22/12
Thu Feb 23/12
Fri Mar 23/12


City of Kelowna
We greatly acknowledge the financial support of the
City of Kelowna.


Best Western Logo

The Best Western Inn – Kelowna
2402 Highway 97 N
Kelowna, BC V1X 4J1, Canada
(250) 860-1212
Toll Free: 1-888-860-1212
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799 Lakeshore Road
Kelowna, BC V1W 3K3, Canada
(250) 763-1955

Live Music Most Nights


Arts Council of the
Central Okanagan

Your Connection to
Your Cultural Community.

100-1690 Water Street,
Kelowna, BC V1Y 8T8
(250) 861-4123

Kelowna's home page with
comprehensive valley wide
event listings.



Wentworth Music

Wentworth Music
1634 Harvey Ave
Kelowna, BC
(250) 860-2251


Bering Music

Bering Music

1546 Harvey St,
Kelowna, BC
(250) 862-5171

2525 Dobbin Rd,
Westbank, BC
(250) 768-3600


Cannery Coffee

Cannery Coffee
1289 Ellis St
Kelowna, BC
(250) 763-4022


Duncan's Bistro & Bar

Duncan's Bistro & Bar
375 Lawrence Ave
Kelowna, BC V1Y 9W5
(250) 860-8086


Fix Auto

Fix Auto Collision Kelowna
6-920 Leathead Rd
Kelowna, BC
V1X 2J8
(778) 753-5766


Mosaic Books

Mosaic Books
411 Bernard Ave
Kelowna BC V1Y 6N8
(250) 763-4418

2011 Kelowna Jazz & Blues Festival

Volunteer Opportunities

STAGE CREW helping with technical set-up and running of performance stages. Familiarity with sound equipment, microphones and basic knowledge of performance requirements is an asset.

BAR SALES selling wine and cold beverages. You must be 19 years of age to volunteer for this committee. A “Serving it Right” certificate would be an asset, also.

PERFORMER HOSPITALITY providing meals, refreshments and generally making the performers' experience at the Festival as pleasant as possible. Must be patient and flexible.

VOLUNTEER HOSPITALITY help co-ordinate the signing-in of volunteers as well as their snacks and refreshments.

SECURITY ensuring security of the whole Festival site and security of performers' equipment and personal items. We need calm, assertive people!
TICKET SALES We look for people who are comfortable in dealing with $$ and numbers and are able to deal with the public pleasantly and efficiently. Before any other committee, festival-goers meet ticket-sales volunteers first.

CONCESSION Do you have a “Food Safe” certificate?

ENVIRONMENT Ensures cleanliness of the site and helps with recycling.

PARKING help direct parking and the flow of traffic

FUNDRAISING coordinate and or help with fundraising activities at events.

CHAUFFEUR Chauffeuring the performers from the airport as well as between the concert venue and hotel, motel, billeting location - must be properly licensed!

TRANSPORTATION Pick-up/deliver, load/unload, assorted materials to and from concert venues. must be physicaly fit, have a truck or van and have a valid drivers license!
PRE-EVENT POSTER & PROGRAM DISTRIBUTION if you are travelling out and about earlier in the spring and summer, can you help us advertise?

CHILDREN'S ACTIVITIES Face painting, hat making fun for the kids!

BACKSTAGE HOSTPITALITY  Working behind mainstage, providing beverages/snacks for performers and stage crews.

SURVEY COMMITTEE  Conducting on-site surveys of festival-goers.

INFORMATION CENTRE  Providing information on schedule changes, site layout, community services etc.

VENDOR COMMITTEE  Directing visiting crafts vendors to their designated area at the site, checking in with vendors each day.

Apply in writing and tell us:

  • What kind of work would you be good at
    and/or willing to learn?

  • How much time do you have to give?

  • What kind of environment would you prefer to work in? Indoors? Outdoors? Physical work?
    With other people or alone?

The Blue Gator
The Blue Gator
441 Lawrence Ave,
Kelowna, BC CANADA
(250) 860-1529

Live Music Most Nights

Memphis Blues BBQ

Memphis Blues Barbeque House
289 Bernard St
Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 6N2
( 250) 868-3699


BC Interior Jazz Festival

B.C. Interior Jazz Festival

Jazz Masters' Concert
Friday, April 13, 2012 7:30 pm
Kelowna Community Theatre
Featured artist is Roger Treece


Minstrel Cafe

Minstrel Cafe & Bar

4638 Lakeshore Road
Kelowna, BC V1W 1X5
(250) 764-2301

Live Music Most Nights




1508 pinehurst cres.
kelowna bc v1y 4h9


OJBS Ticket Seller


Lee's Music

#103 1155 Sutherland Ave
Kelowna, BC
(250) 712-0097


Web Development & Hosting
Graphic Design & Colour Printing
(250) 762-5194

5555 76 Avenue SE
Calgary, AB T2C 4L8
(403) 720-3239



Paramount Music

Paramount Music
1769 Harvey Ave
Kelowna, BC
(250) 762-4525


World Of Music

World Of Music
1776 Baron Rd
Kelowna, BC
(250) 869-0819


Good Guys Adio Visual Unlimited

Good Guys Audio Video Unlimited
2409-B Main Street
Westbank, BC V4T 2H9
(250) 707-0753

Leo's Videos

Leo's Videos
2680 Pandosy St,
Kelowna, BC V1Y 1V6
(250) 861-8437


Underground Music Kelowna

Underground Music Kelowna
Unit 4, 1331 Ellis St,
Kelowna, BC
(778) 478-0215


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