The Okanagan Jazz and Blues Society



The Bylaws of the Okanagan Jazz & Blues Society are those set out in Schedule "B" to the British Columbia Society Act with the following addition:

Part V, Section 27  (3) In addition to the power to fill vacancies, the directors may at any time after an annual general meeting of the Society appoint up to a maximum of three members as directors, who shall hold office until the next following annual general meeting of the Society.  A quorum for a directors meeting is the majority of the directors.

 OJBS Bylaws Complete Document - 9 pages



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In 1991, a committee was formed to organize a week long summer jazz festival in August under the auspices of the Kelowna School of the Arts. In 1996 the committee was incorporated as the Kelowna Jazz Society and presented some of Canada's top jazz performers including Tommy Banks, P.J Perry, Oliver Gannon, Campbell Ryga, Ross Taggert, and Brad Turner. In 2001, the Society changed its name to Okanagan Jazz and Blues Society.

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The purpose of Okanagan Jazz and Blues Society is to:

  • nurture an appreciation for jazz and blues music in the Okanagan,
  • provide Okanagan residents and visitors more opportunities to hear and see high quality jazz and blues performers by holding jazz and blues concerts,
  • inform and educate the public about jazz and blues music,
  • encourage and develop Okanagan jazz and blues artists,
  • hold an annual jazz and blues festival in the Okanagan, and
  • do all such things as is necessary and conducive to the attainment of the above objects, or any of them.

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